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At Donkey Docks, we have a qualified and trained team of "Donkeys" to safely install your boat lifts and docks in the Spring and to remove them in the Fall in preparation for the Winter season. We offer competitive rates and, as always, offer impeccable precision to meet our customers' standards. 

For a quote or any other questions regarding Dock & Lift Installation/Removal, please call us at 952.212.3625

We at Donkey Docks specialize in all of your dock and lift needs - from installation and removal, to sales, repairs, winterization, storage, welding, and more. We are fully equipped to take on any task with a crew of certified Donkeys and a barge crane. We always consider it our privilege to be an integral part of your family's lake experience. All of our services are performed with the utmost precision and completion, and most importantly - your utmost satisfaction.



If you live on a lake in Minnesota, then you've probably seen or been an unfortunate victim of storm and high wind damage. Don't fret, the Donkey's can usually be there within 24 hours to help. Call/email us immediatley!


For addtional info on Dock and Lift Repair, please call or email us at 952.212.3625 or


We check your boat lift annually to ensure your lift is operating optimally. Things such as cable life, pulleys working properly, winch functioning, etc. We also grease winch, cables and pulleys. When you sign up for the $65/ annual fee you can apply that amount on any lift repairs throughout that calendar year. In some cases, the maintenance can be applied to your dock as well.

For additional info on Lift and Dock Maintenance, please call or email us at 952.212.3625 or


Arm Gettin' Tired? 

We can switch out your rusty manual winch for an electric one.

Cable Snapped! Pulleys' Broke!

​We got you covered. We can replace so fast with a new one, you won't even remember that it broke!

We do Cables, Winches, Pulleys and other parts on just about every dock or boat lift make. 

For my info on Winch/Cable/Pulley Repair, please call or email us at 952.212.3625 or

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