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Please read the following information before signing up for snow removal.




We offer (2) two different options for snow removal services.


--------Option 1: Seasonal Contract--------

This is for a 4-month contract and payment must be paid in full up front.



- $50/plow for 12 plows from December 1st - March 31st (Price based on standard driveway. Additional fees may apply.)

- all plowing is based on a 2” base

- if there is a blizzard or large snow fall and driver is required to return later that day or evening this will count for 1/2 of a plow. Each additional plow with in a 24-hour period will count as 1/2 plow.

- contract will be terminated after March 31st. Each additional plow after that will be on a day-to-day basis and charged accordingly, per removal.

- if less than 12 plows occur during the contractual dates, no funds will be returned to customer. The Number of plows is based on average snow accumulation in Minnesota for the months of December through end of March.


For additional terms, please visit


--------Option 2: Pay-Per-Removal--------

This is not a contract. You will pay per removal, prices starting at $65 for a standard driveway. (Additional fees may apply for non-standard driveways.)



Pay-Per-Removal services are based upon request. We will be watching weather forecasts and you will receive an email 12-24 hours in advance of a possible snow removal. It is your responsibility to respond accordingly, whether or not you would like the removal. Responses will be required by 8:00pm the night prior to the removal. If no response is given, you will not be serviced.


---------Additional Services---------

Sidewalk shoveling: +$15/sidewalk

Salting: +$15 per bag 

+$15 for driveways that cannot be plowed with truck


updated November 2018

All snow removals will be completed by a CONTRACTOR. CONTRACTOR hold their own insurance policy and all payment will be remitted directly to CONTRACTOR.


CONTRACTOR agrees to perform snow removal upon request of CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER will receive an email within 12-24 hours of an anticipated snow removal and CUSTOMER is responsible for sending a reply (whether or not service is needed) by 8:00PM CST the night before the proposed removal will take place. If no reply is received, CUSTOMER will not be serviced for that removal.


CONTRACTOR will perform snow removals (up to) 12 times between the contract dates of December 1, 2020 - March 31, 2020. CUSTOMER agrees to pay for a total of (12) snow removals, plus any additional services that CUSTOMER has specified IN FULL prior to service. Any snow removals that occur outside of the AGREEMENT dates will be billed to CUSTOMER at a ‘Pay-Per-Removal’ billing rate.

CONTRACTOR agrees to perform snow removal when snow accumulation reaches 2” or above. If excessive snowfall permits multiple snow removals in a 24-hour period, each removal after (1) will be counted as (½) of the 12 removals included in this AGREEMENT.



CONTRACTOR will plow approximately 1 (one) foot on both sides of boundary edges between driveway and grass. CONTRACTOR is not responsible for damage to sprinkler heads, asphalt or concrete surfaces, paver driveways, (i.e. scratches, gouges, chips). Turf damage will be repaired in the Spring with black dirt and grass seed. Turf repairs will only be done at properties that clearly stake their boundaries prior to the the first snow removal.

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