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The Donkey Story...

Annalise and Nate

Owners, Donkey Docks

Over 23+ Years in Business; Combined 80+ years of Experience; Over 100,000 Docks & Lifts serviced!!

And all thanks to you!... HEE-HAW!

"Where did you get the name Donkey Docks?"...
We have to be honest with you, it all started as a joke! While helping neighbors each year with their equipment (freezing our "asses" off and breaking our backs), we figured, "Hey! Maybe we could make a buck at this!" 
It was at this time that former owner, Casey, and current owner, Nate, began knocking on the doors of Prior Lake residents. After all, everyone needed someone "dumb enough" (I mean "smart" enough) to jump in the frozen lake right after the ice melts and install their heavy dock & lift. Who better than a couple of young, good looking, "donkeys" to do it?
After a couple of new customers asked us what the name of our company was, we jokingly said, "Donkey Docks!" After all of that hard-"ass'" work, we certainly felt like a couple of donkeys! Shockingly, the customers responded, "Donkey Docks, I like that - it's catchy!"
There you have it! The name struck a cord and the phrase was coined, "just call the Donkeys!" In the year 2000, Donkey Docks began their conquest throughout Prior Lake and they began to grow and expand with wild success to surrounding lakes in the metro.

Who we are...

Nate, along side his beautiful wife, who has helped add a woman's finesse; hope they can continue to raise the standards that Donkey Docks is committed to and provide even better customer service and satisfaction in the years to come.

Donkey Docks wishes to thank all of our loyal customers that we have had the pleasure of serving. We take pride in providing and improving your lake experience throughout the seasons.


On behalf of Nate and Donkey Docks, "Thank you and HEE-HAW!"

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